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Amtrak Update: Has Amtrak Admitted Liability?


Amtrak Derailment Disaster – The Lawsuits Have Begun

Here is an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the Amtrak Derailment Disaster.

Scroll to the end to find the interview wit…

Amtrak Derailment Settlement Update!!

Breaking news!!  Amtrak has indicated an interest in voluntarily resolving the litigation arising out of the derailment tragedy.  Will they do so soon, or will they wait two years or more?To listen to my interview on this topic on PBS, click here.The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the various lawsuits that are facing Amtrak. Scroll to the end for my contribution to this article.My offic…

Ambulance Chasers and Personal Injury Litigation

An accident can be a very traumatic event. An accident can leave you feeling vulnerable and at loose ends. Ambulance-chasing lawyers prey on this feeling. These lawyers, or their underlings, mysteriously pop up at the scene of accidents hoping to lure the accident victim.
Some lawyers peruse police reports of auto accidents. These reports are available for a few dollars. They…

Forward to Winning Personal Injury Cases

The insurance companies and their allies—big business and medical associations—have very skillfully manipulated public opinion in the last twenty years. Who hasn’t heard the anecdotes about runaway jury awards? The results of this well-orchestrated campaign are dramatic. The average plaintiff can now expect lower settlement offers, lower arbitration awards and jury verdicts, longer delays…

Testimony in Personal Injury Litigation-Part 2

Redirect and Recross-Examination

After the conclusion of cross-examination, your lawyer has the chance to ask additional questions on what is called redirect. Redirect testimony is supposed to be limited to matters that were discussed during cross-examination. The object of redirect is to rehabilitate you in the eyes of the jury or to answer questions raised by the cross-examination. For…

Medical Testimony in Personal Injury Litigation


Next your lawyer might move to the medical evidence. Your doctors testify about the injuries suffered, the treatment, the diagnosis, the causal relationship between the accident and the injuries, the amount of pain such injuries cause, and the prognosis for the future. If you had to have surgery, that will be examined in great detail. Perhaps plastic models of the affected…

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Personal Injury Self-Help Books

My book, Winning Personal Injury Claims is now available for purchase.  You can also order free chapters on this…

Researching Weather Conditions in Personal Injury Litigation

My book Winning Personal Injury Claims discusses personal injury litigation and the Internet.  I present here, free of charge, Chapter 13 in its entirety.  Feel free to email me to discuss your case:  

The Power of the Internet

The Internet has changed all of our lives. It has touched the legal profession in profound ways and revolutionized the practice of law.

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