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Psychological Injuries: Claims for Emotional Distress


Psychological injuries can be an important part of a personal injury case. Post-traumatic stress disorder (also called post-traumatic stress syndrome) is a provable phenomenon that adds value to some cases. This disorder may involve headaches, nausea, dizziness, inability to concentrate, depression, irrational fears, etc. But this is also an area that is fraught wit…

LASIK Malpractice – Who Can Sue?

Candidate for LASIK?
The Focus of LASIK Malpractice Litigation
By Nadeem Bezar, Esquire
LASIK eye surgery has replaced tummy tucks and liposuction as America’s number one elective surgery.  The growth has been staggering: LASIK has been performed on 2.5 million people since 1998 and 1.2 million people in 2000 alone.  For…

Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-Best of Philadelphia

My book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim is written for people who would represent themselves in injury litigation.  It is also for  people who would like to be better able to monitor their lawyer’s performance.  Call me at 610 642 7676 if you would like a free copy.  Here is an overview.
Overview of Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-4th Edition
The litigation of a personal injury claim…

Sample Voir Dire Questions for Vision Injury Cases

In cases involving vision injuries, and in all other injury cases, it is necessary to try to get jurors who are sympathetic to the plaintiff.  Here is a list of questions you can use for your case.  Any questions? Call me at 610 642 7676.  To read more about sensory loss cases, click here.
A.   Attorneys and Parties
1.  Does anyone on this jury panel know me?

2.  Do any of you know…

Proving Tinnitus Injuries in Personal Injury Litigation

Proving Tinnitus in Personal Injury Litigation
Tinnitus is an injury commonly resulting from trauma.  If that trauma was caused by negligence, it can form the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.  If you are pursuing injury litigation, there are steps you can take to maximize the settlement value and jury appeal.   How the claim is presented will affect the jury’s evaluation of t…

Vision Loss Injury Claims Require a Functional Vision Loss Assessment

In cases involving vision injury, it is essential to obtain a functional vision loss assessment.   This assessment will cover many areas that medical doctors will ignore.  Here is a sample that I hope will be of use to you.  Call me if you have questions.  My number is 610 642 7676.  Evan Aidman

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I met wit…

Motion to Compel Discovery in Blindness Injury Litigation

Occasionally in vision injury cases, as with all other injury litigation, it becomes necessary to file a motion to compel the other side to produce the information you are entitled to.  Here is a sample motion to compel that I hope will help you.  If you need more help, give me a call at 610 642 7676.

EVAN K. AIDMAN, ESQUIRE                              ATTORNEY…

A Retina Injury Lawyer Discusses Vision Loss Claims

I have published several blogs regarding eye and vision injuries.

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A Dram Shop Lawyer Discusses His Huge Settlement

A hush falls over the courtroom as the court offers brings the jury into the high ceiling, ornately decorated City Hall venue. The parties and lawyers all rise for the jury. Two of those lawyers whisper. Suddenly, the defense blinks and settles the case for $1,075,001.00, plus a payment of $1,000.00 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving!

For the rest of this story, see my…

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses the Philadelphia Building Collapse

It is a tragedy that brings to mind the collapse of Philadelphia’s Pier 34 in 2000 and the collapse of a parking garage in the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City three years later.

Six fatalities and 14 injuries are now confirmed.  A 61 year old woman, Myra Plekam, was pulled alive out of the rubble 13 hours after the collapse.  “That’s why we stay the course,” Ayers said. “This person…

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