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A Top Phila Lawyer Discusses Tinnitus Remedies

Tinnitus Remedies

If you experience ringing in the ear that won’t go away, you may have Tinnitus.  This sound is noticeable even in the absence of any external noise. Tinnitus means “ringing” in Latin. Tinnitus can result from any of a number of different causes.

slip and fall accidents
car accidents
entry into the ear canal of a foreign object
extremely loud noises

Eye Injury Claims – Part 3

Eye injuries scare insurance companies. Even in cases with difficult liability, if you can strike the fear of G-d into the insurance company, you can settle these cases for big big money. The key is creating doubt, and therefore, a measure of fear in the minds of the insurance company. Even with a difficult, but not impossib…

A Philadelphia Paralysis Injury Lawyer Discusses Loss of the Five Senses – Part 4

The five senses are traditionally thought of as sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The loss of even part of one of our senses can be devastating. How much moreso when the loss is total and/or to multiple senses. Perhaps the sense of taste is the one that most people would choose, if they had to lose one. But think how lif…

TBI Claims Information

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is broadly defined as brain injury resulting from externally inflicted trauma. It may result in significant impairment of an individual’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functioning. There are two forms of brain injury: open injury and closed head injury. Open injury involves penetration of the skull by an external force and can result in a fractured skull and…

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