Children’s Injury Law

Value of a Personal Injury Claim: The Defendant’s Likability

The Defendant

The personality and actions of the defendant are yet another important factor. If the defendant’s actions were particularly outrageous, the sky is the limit as far as the jury may be concerned.

Example: Dave was struck in the back by a car as he was walking along the side of a country road. The compensatory damages, that is, the damages that were strictly to compensate him…

Value of a Personal Injury Claim-More Key Factors


The severity of the injury greatly influences the settlement offer, as will the characteristics of the individual. For example, a facial scar on an attractive young woman is worth far more than an elbow scar on an elderly man. A permanent injury to a child brings a far larger offer than will a similar injury to an adult. A herniated disc suffered by a skilled manual laborer…

Choosing a Doctor for a Personal Injury Case

Special Medical Concerns

This blog explores the crucial questions involved in choosing the doctors and other medical providers who will treat your injuries. Also discussed is the importance of keeping track of your treatment so that you can assist your lawyer in gathering the medical information needed to represent you properly.


If after an accident…

Injuries to Children (and other personal injury cases)

Various Kinds of Injury Cases

There are many different kinds of injury cases. These cases are sometimes referred to as tort cases. The word tort comes from the French word meaning wrong. The wrongdoer is known as the tortfeasor. Sometimes, injury cases are called negligence cases. Negligence is defined in injury law as the failure to exercise the care for the safety of another that a prudent…

More About Injuries to Children

If it can be proven that the child was visible to the motorist for more than a second or two, the chances for success in this litigation are greatly improved. The adult motorist is presumed to have the capacity to take steps to protect the safety of the child and must take them promptly in order to avoid responsibility on this claim. Children are often presumed incapable of negligence due to…

Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-Best of Philadelphia

My book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim is written for people who would represent themselves in injury litigation.  It is also for  people who would like to be better able to monitor their lawyer’s performance.  Call me at 610 642 7676 if you would like a free copy.  Here is an overview.
Overview of Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-4th Edition
The litigation of a personal injury claim…

Children’s Injury Lawyer Discusses Settling Children’s Injury Cases

In every injury case involving a minor, a petition must be filed with the court requesting the court’s approval of the settlement.  Here is a sample you can use to draft your own petition.  Feel free to call me at 215 563 7088 to discuss your injury case.  For more blogs on children’s injuries.

To find the best Philadelphia Injury Lawyer.

To find the best Pittsburgh Injury…

Injuries to Children: A Lawyer Comments

Regardless of what it is called, the best hope for litigation success when a child is hit by a car is a prompt and thorough investigation of the accident scene. The vital factors include the type of neighborhood where the accident happened, the length of time the child was visible to the motorist, and the age of the child. It is important to photograph the scene of the accident shortly after it…

A Children’s Injuries Lawyer Discusses Child Injury Cases


A mother and father’s worst nightmare is receiving a call from the hospital informing them that their child has been involved in an accident. While the physical and emotional suffering from such an event can never be set right by money, a lawsuit against the person at fault may be in the child’s best interests. Handled properly, this type of case almost always results in…

Vision Injury Claims – Part 4

In my previous blog [link here], we discussed creating goggles that simulate vision loss. You might be wondering whether the defense lawyers might ask the court to exclude this evidence. I’ve been asked several times about this. Were the goggles unfairly prejudicial or inflammatory? They certainly are very persuasive. We want t…

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