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Issues Affecting the Value of a Personal Injury Case


There are a number of other issues that affect the monetary value of a case. Some are specific to the person, some to the situation, and some to the other parties involved in your case.

Predated Injury

Many injuries are subject to attack based on that they predated the accident and therefore were not caused by it. Herniated and bulging discs cases,…

Suing for Personal Injury-Is it the Right Thing to do?


Some people object to the very concept of compensating injured accident victims with money. They might feel that individuals who have been injured should simply be strong and bear their losses. After all, their no-fault insurance should cover their medical bills and lost wages. It is a good bet that these people have never been seriously injured in an accident. Nor is it likely that…

Settling Medical Malpractice Claims


As a general rule, medical malpractice cases are difficult to settle for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the merits of the case. First, many malpractice insurance agreements contain a provision that the insurance company cannot settle the case without the doctor’s written consent. Since in most cases it is not the physician’s personal assets at risk, ther…

Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-Best of Philadelphia

My book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim is written for people who would represent themselves in injury litigation.  It is also for  people who would like to be better able to monitor their lawyer’s performance.  Call me at 610 642 7676 if you would like a free copy.  Here is an overview.
Overview of Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-4th Edition
The litigation of a personal injury claim…

Suing George Zimmerman: Money Damages for Wrongful Death

Suing George Zimmerman:  Money Damages for Wrongful Death
   George Zimmerman’s troubles are far from over.  Aside from threats to his personal safety and possible Federal charges for violation of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights, he will likely face a wrongful death lawsuit for monetary damages.  Even though such a suit is unlikely to generate a settlement or a collectible judgment, ther…

A Pit Bull Lawyer Discusses Best Practice for Legal Self-Help

It is an illusion to think that an insurance company will offer an unrepresented person in a Pit Bull attack case the same kind of settlement money it would offer a person represented by a capable personal injury lawyer. There is virtually no way for you to know the value of a personal injury case. These values are based upon years of jury verdicts and insurance settlements. Only an experienced…

No One Free Bite Says the Pit Bull Lawyer

I handled a very sad Pit Bull attack case last year in which a woman was attacked in her back yard by the next door neighbor’s dog. She was minding her own business. Her wounds were horrific.  She became addicted to pain killers and the last years of her life were filled with suffering.

Here’s a sad story about another Pit Bull Attack.  It involves a California woman who was killed by…

Finding the Best Injury Lawyer for Philadelphia Building Collapse

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced Monday that a grand jury will investigate the fatal building collapse in Philadelphia.  This investigation will seek to determine whether anyone besides a crane operator, Sean Benschop will face criminal charges.  Authorities charged Benschop with six counts of involuntary manslaughter, 13 counts of recklessly endangering another person,…

Philadelphia Building Collapse – Finding the Best Philadelphia Injury Attorney

            And the first lawsuit has been filed in the Philadelphia building collapse.  That lawsuit on behalf of Nadine White refers to the cause of the collapse as “an entirely preventable tragedy that resulted from gross recklessness.” Ms. White was buried in rubble but survived.

            City officials have begun inspecting demolition sites around the city.

Finding the Best Delaware County Personal Injury Attorney

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If the lawyer you are thinking about hiring has a website, check it out. The lawyer’s website may tell you a lot about his or her personality, and it certainly should give you insight in to his or her areas of specialization. If there is something in the website that rubs you the wrong way,…

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