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Dram Shop Injury Lawyer Discusses Punitive Damages


Pennsylvania permits recovery of punitive damages by persons injured in automobile crashes.  Focht v. Rabada, 268 A.2d 157 (Pa. Super. 1970); McIntire v. Szczyrbak, 39 Pa.D&C.4th 190 (Pa.Com.Pl. 1998); Shelter v. Zeger, 4 Pa.D&C.4th 564 (Pa.Com.Pl. 1988); Long v. Ohler, 1 Pa.D&C.4th 102 (Pa.Com.Pl. 1988).  In Focht, the Superior Court held that “driving while under t…

Dram Shop Attorney Discusses Punitive Damages-Part 2

“Automobiles represent the most lethal and deadly weapons today entrusted to our citizenry.  When automobiles are driven by intoxicated drivers, the possibility of death and serious injury increases substantially.  Every licensed driver is aware that driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor presents a significant and very real danger to others in the area.”  Focht,…

A Dram Shop Lawyer Discusses His Huge Settlement

A hush falls over the courtroom as the court offers brings the jury into the high ceiling, ornately decorated City Hall venue. The parties and lawyers all rise for the jury. Two of those lawyers whisper. Suddenly, the defense blinks and settles the case for $1,075,001.00, plus a payment of $1,000.00 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving!

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