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Vision Loss Injury Claims Require a Functional Vision Loss Assessment

In cases involving vision injury, it is essential to obtain a functional vision loss assessment.   This assessment will cover many areas that medical doctors will ignore.  Here is a sample that I hope will be of use to you.  Call me if you have questions.  My number is 610 642 7676.  Evan Aidman

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Motion to Compel Discovery in Blindness Injury Litigation

Occasionally in vision injury cases, as with all other injury litigation, it becomes necessary to file a motion to compel the other side to produce the information you are entitled to.  Here is a sample motion to compel that I hope will help you.  If you need more help, give me a call at 610 642 7676.

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A Retinal Detachment Lawyer Discusses Vision Injury Claims

Retinal detachment is an eye disorder in which there is peeling away of the retina  from its underlying layer of support tissue. The retina is a thin layer of light sensitive tissue on the back wall of the eye. Without prompt treatment the entire retina may detach, leading to blindness and vision loss.

Sudden development of “floaters” or “flashers” in the eye are warning signs of a…

A Retina Injury Lawyer Discusses Vision Loss Claims

I have published several blogs regarding eye and vision injuries.

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A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

Only 11% of retinal detachments result from trauma.  This includes concussions to the head, blunt blows to the orbit, and penetration injuries.  The onset of these injuries is usually gradual with most beginning more than a month after the injury. Retinal breaks are divided holes, tears and dialyses. Holes form because of retina…

A Top Philly Lawyer Discusses Facebook and Eye Injury Litigation

Facebook and Eye Injury Litigation

I attended a fascinating motion court hearing last week and got to listen in to an argument involving Facebook. The insurance company’s lawyer filed a motion requesting that the court order the plaintiff to turn over his Facebook password!  It seems that the plaintiff’s public page showed him diving into a swimming pool.  Given his claims of injury to…

Eye Injury Claims – Part 1

Since 1984 I have had a general personal injury practice that in 2005 began focusing specifically on vision injury cases.  This focus came about when a woman by the name of Sol came to my office.  Sol is a woman who got hit by a car. Though she was struck at low speed, the force of the collision caused her to flop face first onto the street.  She suffered a terrible eye injury, leaving her…

Vision Injury Claims – Part 2

Doug is a man who shot himself in the eye with a beebee gun and suffered permanent and serious injuries to his vision. Doug was left legally blind in one eye, retaining only “light perception,” that is, the ability to discern the source of light through that eye. Everything else was just a blur.

I was told by an attorney whos…

Eye Injury Claims – Part 3

Eye injuries scare insurance companies. Even in cases with difficult liability, if you can strike the fear of G-d into the insurance company, you can settle these cases for big big money. The key is creating doubt, and therefore, a measure of fear in the minds of the insurance company. Even with a difficult, but not impossib…

Vision Injury Claims – Part 4

In my previous blog [link here], we discussed creating goggles that simulate vision loss. You might be wondering whether the defense lawyers might ask the court to exclude this evidence. I’ve been asked several times about this. Were the goggles unfairly prejudicial or inflammatory? They certainly are very persuasive. We want t…

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