Finding The Best Injury Lawyers

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer and Best Practices-Part 3


When you finish your medical treatment, you will need to gather all of the documentation relating to your damages. This includes:

·photographs of your injuries and property damage;
·the property damage appraisal;
·your medical bills and reports;
·a wage loss statement from your employer;
·a disability statement from your doctor regarding your lost…

A Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses Burden of Proof

Why George Zimmerman May Walk

Forget for a minute about how stupid/evil George Zimmerman is/was.  This blog will explore the likelihood of a conviction, which I suggest is slight.  While other commentators may focus on flaws in the forensics or other factors, I want to explore the prosecution’s heavy burden of proof.

The prosecution must prove to this jury of six women that Zimmerman is…

A Pit Bull Lawyer Discusses Best Practice for Legal Self-Help

It is an illusion to think that an insurance company will offer an unrepresented person in a Pit Bull attack case the same kind of settlement money it would offer a person represented by a capable personal injury lawyer. There is virtually no way for you to know the value of a personal injury case. These values are based upon years of jury verdicts and insurance settlements. Only an experienced…

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses More Best Practices


Chapters 2 and 3 of my book, Winning Personal Injury Claims, address issues concerning the hiring of a personal injury attorney. These chapters should help you decide: 1) whether to hire a lawyer, 2) which lawyer to hire and 3) how to negotiate a fee agreement with the lawyer you hire. Chapter 3 lists the information you should bring to the first meeting. Chapter 3 also addresses…

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses Best Practices

The litigation of a personal injury claim begins at the very moment an accident occurs.  In some cases, relevant events may have occurred long before that. For example, if the accident was caused by faulty design, manufacture, or maintenance of a vehicle, your claim will involve learning about those events.

With the average fender-bender, the first significant event is the accident itself.

A Dram Shop Lawyer Discusses Conflict of Laws

Pennsylvania has adopted a flexible rule to resolve conflict of law issues.  Griffith v. United Airlines, Inc., 416 Pa. 1, 203 A.2d 796 (1964).  The Court abandoned a strict place of the accident rule “in favor of a more flexible rule which permits analysis of the policies and interests underlying the particular issue before the court.  Id. at 806.   The merit of such a rule is that “it…

Dram Shop Attorney Discusses Punitive Damages-Part 2

“Automobiles represent the most lethal and deadly weapons today entrusted to our citizenry.  When automobiles are driven by intoxicated drivers, the possibility of death and serious injury increases substantially.  Every licensed driver is aware that driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor presents a significant and very real danger to others in the area.”  Focht,…

Finding the Best Injury Lawyer for Philadelphia Building Collapse

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced Monday that a grand jury will investigate the fatal building collapse in Philadelphia.  This investigation will seek to determine whether anyone besides a crane operator, Sean Benschop will face criminal charges.  Authorities charged Benschop with six counts of involuntary manslaughter, 13 counts of recklessly endangering another person,…

The Initial Consultation with the Best Philly Injury Lawyer

Many of your questions about the process can be answered during the initial consultation. However, not all questions can be answered at that time with any degree of certainty. For example, there is no way for the lawyer to know at the initial meeting what the case is worth, how long before it will settle, or whether you will have to go to court. More questions will arise in your mind in the weeks…

Initial Consultation with a Top Philadelphia Injury Lawyer


The initial consultation is similar to meeting for the first time with a doctor. The doctor takes your medical history; the lawyer reviews your legal history. The two-way communication between lawyer and client is the crucial first step in achieving a successful outcome.

Before the appointment, try to write down the details of the accident. Your notes and…

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