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The Value of a Human Life

How does one place a monetary value on life? Some say it cheapens human life to assess a financial value. Our justice system though provides only one remedy in the event that a negligent act results in loss of life, and that is money. So lawyers are often tasked with proving damages in these cases. Judges and juries assess value on that basis.
Pennsylvania law divides these cases up into two…

Insurance Adjusters are People Too

An adjuster suggested that my case was worth only “nuisance value”. That means, he was willing to pay the cost to defend the case (maybe $5,000), but no more. I replied, “You may be willing to settle for nuisance value, but I have to tell you. I can be A VERY BIG NUISANCE…. Just ask my wife. The adjuster chuckled.

I try to approach my communications with insurance companies and their…

Social Host and Dramshop Liability

With Memorial Day Weekend shortly upon us, thoughts turn to safety and alcohol consumption. Drunk drivers are of course responsible for the damage they cause. But often their insurance policy limits are inadequate to cover the losses they inflict on innocents.

The search for deep pockets generally focuses on two areas, social host liability and dramshop liability.

Social host liability…

Gay Marriage and Injury Litigation


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Donald Trump and “Tort Reform”

President Donald Trump is not a typical Republican President and he may not toe the party line on “tort reform”. We don’t hear him speak against “junk lawsuits” the way George W. Bush did. What can we expect from the POTUS on tort issues?

Injuries from firearms: The NRA strongly supports Trump, given his promises to “protect our 2nd Amendment”. Whether that protection extends…

Injury Attorney Evan Aidman Discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Injuries to Children

Child Injuries

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