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Ankle Injuries


Defective Airbag Claims

Let’s examine one kind of claim which often leads to hearing loss and damage. Air bags save lives. They can also destroy hearing. The explosion of an airbag can create a deafening roar producing tremendous ear pain, loud ringing, and bleeding from the ear canals. When airbags are deployed, there is an inherent injury risk from the high-amplitude, short-duration noise from deployment. The peak…

Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund

A vastly underused source of funds is available for crime victims and their families, at the time when they may most need it. Many states have a crime victims’ compensation fund. This is especially relevant with an intentional injury since there may be a criminal prosecution. Before you put a case into suit, consider this source of benefits. In Pennsylvania, s…

Finding the Best Brain Injury Attorney


Guidance for Recent Law School Graduates

Getting started is tough — but it’s exciting.

ACCORDING TO the National Association for Legal Career Professionals (“NALP”), the employment rate for new law school graduates is at a 15-year low. The depressed economy is a big part of the problem. Recent grads now have to compete for jobs with the many experienced lawyers who have been laid off by law firms suffering from financia…

Amtrak Derailment – Interview on Public Broadcasting

Here is my interview on WHYY regarding the Amtrak Derailment…

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