Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Discussion on Serious Injuries and Surgery

Serious Injury Damages

Ruptured discs, bone fractures, and injuries resulting in scarring are generally compensated more generously than are soft tissue injuries. Insurance companies more often than not suspect that soft tissue injuries are imagined or exaggerated. Herniated discs, fractures, and scarring in and of themselves prove injury. These types of injuries are common after a car or…

Thoughts on Damages by a Main Line Personal Injury Lawyer

Some people simply object to compensating those injured in accidents with money—for any reason. As a matter of principle, some may feel injured persons should be strong and bear their losses. After all, their no-fault insurance should cover their medical bills and lost wages. It is a good bet these people have never been seriously injured in an accident. And it is unlikely that anyone in their…

How To Find The Best Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

This blog explores a variety of ways clients find the best personal injury lawyers. The selection of a lawyer may be the most important decision the client makes throughout the entire process of Winning a Personal Injury Claim. By understanding more about the thought processes of those in search of legal counsel, lawyers can position themselves favorably. I have developed a nationwide network of…

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