Proving Damage Claims

A Philadelphia Sensory Loss Lawyer Discusses Loss of the Five Senses – Part 3

The five senses are traditionally thought of as sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The loss of even part of one of our senses can be devastating. How much moreso when the loss is total and/or to multiple senses. Perhaps the sense of taste is the one that most people would choose, if they had to lose one. But think how life would…

You Can’t Win Them All…Or Can You? A Slippery Slip and Fall Case

I had a very strange experience in court this week that capped off a bizarre sequence of events.  The judge ruled against my client, but ultimately I was almost glad she did.  I had to endure an insurance defense lawyer’s cackling laughter after the judge issued her ruling.  But at least I was spared being called a liar in front of a court room full of lawyers!

This story begins in…

Proving Damages in Tinnitus Injury Cases– Part 2

In a previous blog post, I discussed methods for effectively proving damages in injury litigation involving Tinnitus.  A CD purchased from the American Tinnitus Association is a very effective way to get this type of case settled for fair value.  Here is another technique.

I have heard of a case where the lawyer downloaded the Emergency Broadcasting tone we have all heard on the radio or…

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