A Delaware County Blindness Injury Lawyer Discusses Negligence

I was contacted recently by the daughter of a 94 year old blind woman who had fallen at a nursing home and suffered a fractured hip. My first reaction was where is the lawsuit? Elderly people sometimes fall and it really isn’t anyone’s fault. Upon further investigation, I found a fascinating story involving extreme negligence and the intentional alteration of medical records.

The client…

A Delaware County Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Fall-Down Accidents (“Slip and Falls”)

Fall-down cases (also known as “slip and falls”) are the second most common type of lawsuit for personal injuries. Automobile accidents are the most common. The legal principles involved with slip and falls differ greatly from car accident cases. There are particular hurdles that must be overcome to receive fair compensation for injuries suffered as the result of a fall.

Generally, t…

A Main Line Vision Loss Attorney Discusses Loss of Earnings

Have you ever wondered, after hearing about a multi-million dollar jury verdict, about the fairness of the jury? Have you questioned whether any injury could be so severe as to justify such a verdict? The reasoning behind large jury verdicts often can be found in loss of future earning capacity.

Compensation for pain and suffering represents only one of several elements a jury must consider…

TBI Claims Information

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is broadly defined as brain injury resulting from externally inflicted trauma. It may result in significant impairment of an individual’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functioning. There are two forms of brain injury: open injury and closed head injury. Open injury involves penetration of the skull by an external force and can result in a fractured skull and…

A Main Line Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Dram Shop Claims Information

Do you think that businesses that serve alcohol should be liable if one of their customers injures someone while driving drunk? Dram shop laws establish the liability of liquor stores, taverns, restaurants, and other businesses that serve alcoholic beverages. A “dram” is a small amount of liquid. Generally, if a business serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person, that business is liab…

Claims for Psychological Injuries

Psychological injuries can also be an important part of a personal injury case. Post-traumatic stress disorder (also called post-traumatic stress syndrome) is a provable phenomenon that adds value to some cases. This disorder may involve headaches, nausea, dizziness, inability to concentrate, depression, irrational fears, etc. However, this is an area that is fraught with danger for claimants.

The Various Kinds of Injury Cases

There are many different kinds of injury cases. These cases are sometimes referred to as tort cases. The word tort comes from the French word meaning wrong. The wrongdoer is known as the tortfeasor. Sometimes injury cases are called negligence cases. Negligence is defined in injury law as the failure to exercise the care for the safety of another that a prudent person would ordinarily use.

You Can’t Win Them All…Or Can You? A Slippery Slip and Fall Case

I had a very strange experience in court this week that capped off a bizarre sequence of events.  The judge ruled against my client, but ultimately I was almost glad she did.  I had to endure an insurance defense lawyer’s cackling laughter after the judge issued her ruling.  But at least I was spared being called a liar in front of a court room full of lawyers!

This story begins in…

Voir Dire in a Paralysis Injury Case

The first set of questions you will ask in a jury trial that involves paralysis injuries may involve whether any of the potential jurors know your client or the defendant, any of the witnesses in the case, the attorneys, or the judge, or if any of the jurors have heard anything about the case. This kind of knowledge usually eliminates an individual from sitting on the jury, since they may hav…

Discussion on Serious Injuries and Surgery

Serious Injury Damages

Ruptured discs, bone fractures, and injuries resulting in scarring are generally compensated more generously than are soft tissue injuries. Insurance companies more often than not suspect that soft tissue injuries are imagined or exaggerated. Herniated discs, fractures, and scarring in and of themselves prove injury. These types of injuries are common after a car or…

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