Amtrak Litigation Update

Click below for the latest news on the Amtrak Derailment Litigation, news you won’t read about in the papers or on t…

Discovery Depositions: Everything You Need To Know

The discovery deposition is one of the most important stages in personal injury litigation. During the discovery deposition, the insurance company’s lawyer has an opportunity to question the injure plaintiff in person about the incident and the injuries. Similarly, at the defendant’s deposition, you are able to discover much about the insurance company’s version of what…

Injury Attorney Evan Aidman Discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Injuries to Children

Child Injuries

Bris Mila

Shoulder Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries


Defective Airbag Claims

Let’s examine one kind of claim which often leads to hearing loss and damage. Air bags save lives. They can also destroy hearing. The explosion of an airbag can create a deafening roar producing tremendous ear pain, loud ringing, and bleeding from the ear canals. When airbags are deployed, there is an inherent injury risk from the high-amplitude, short-duration noise from deployment. The peak…

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