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Finding the Best Montgomery County Injury Lawyer

This blog continues our discussion of finding the best Montgomery County injury lawyer.

Bar Association

You can also check with your local bar association to find out if the lawyer you are considering has a good reputation. Some bar associations will not recommend attorneys as they prefer to remain neutral in this area.

If you cannot find the right lawyer through the recommendation of a…

Finding the Best Delaware County Personal Injury Attorney

This blog continues our discussion of finding the best injury lawyer in Delaware County.


If the lawyer you are thinking about hiring has a website, check it out. The lawyer’s website may tell you a lot about his or her personality, and it certainly should give you insight in to his or her areas of specialization. If there is something in the website that rubs you the wrong way,…

A Pit Bull Attorney Discusses Dog Bite Claims

Dog Bites

Dog bites frequently generate personal injury claims. In most states it is unlawful for an owner to fail to keep a dog confined on the owner’s premises or firmly secured by means of a collar and chain. Violation of the law resulting in a dog bite is strong evidence of negligence. In this situation, it is likely the plaintiff can recover damages from the dog’s owner or handler. In…

A Pit Bull Lawyer Discusses Defenses to Dog Bite Claims

Defenses to Dog Bite Claims

The first line of defense is that the owner or handler had reasonable control of the dog. That is all the law requires. Recovery of damages will be a challenge if the owner had control.

Another common defense in dog bite cases is that the plaintiff harassed the dog in some way, provoking the attack. If, for example, a group of teenage boys were taunting and…

A Pit Bull Attorney Discusses Dog Bite Claims

This blog discusses the law for Pit Bull attack claims and also claims against the owner of any other breed of dog that causes injury.

The law that governs the conduct of dog owners is referred to as the Dog Law of December 22, 1965, P.L. 1124, Art VII, @702, 3 P.S. @460-702.  The relevant provision states:
It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog to fail
to keep at all times…

A Top Phila Lawyer Discusses Tinnitus Remedies

Tinnitus Remedies

If you experience ringing in the ear that won’t go away, you may have Tinnitus.  This sound is noticeable even in the absence of any external noise. Tinnitus means “ringing” in Latin. Tinnitus can result from any of a number of different causes.

slip and fall accidents
car accidents
entry into the ear canal of a foreign object
extremely loud noises

The Best Main Line Injury Lawyer Ever

Abraham Lincoln and the Ten Commandments of Cross Examination

During his years as a trial lawyer, Abraham Lincoln took on his share of criminal defense cases.  Once he was defending a man charged with assault and battery.  During the course of his cross examination of the prosecution’s star witness, he seemingly violated one of the Ten Commandments of Cross Examination:  Do Not Ask T…

A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

Only 11% of retinal detachments result from trauma.  This includes concussions to the head, blunt blows to the orbit, and penetration injuries.  The onset of these injuries is usually gradual with most beginning more than a month after the injury. Retinal breaks are divided holes, tears and dialyses. Holes form because of retina…

A Delaware County Montgomery County Injury Lawyer Discusses Paralysis Injury Cases

An important stage of a jury trial involving paralysis takes place at the very outset, namely, the voir dire (generally pronounced vwa dear) of the jury. Voir dire consists of questions the attorneys ask the potential jurors to determine which of them will actually sit on the jury panel. There is a sample set of voir dire questions in Appendix 18 of my book, Winning Personal Injury Cases. Voir…

A Top Philly Lawyer Discusses Facebook and Eye Injury Litigation

Facebook and Eye Injury Litigation

I attended a fascinating motion court hearing last week and got to listen in to an argument involving Facebook. The insurance company’s lawyer filed a motion requesting that the court order the plaintiff to turn over his Facebook password!  It seems that the plaintiff’s public page showed him diving into a swimming pool.  Given his claims of injury to…

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