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May 2013

Finding The Best Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding The Best Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer 

An excellent way to find a personal injury lawyer if you are from Scranton is by contacting an attorney you know and asking for a referral.

A referring attorney is ethically bound to refer clients to someone who will zealously pursue the case. Therefore, you need to investigate the background of any lawyer you are considering for a…

Finding The Best Harrisburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding The Best Harrisburg Personal Injury Lawyer
The best way to find a good personal injury lawyer in Harrisburg is through the recommendation of close friends or family members. This is also the best way for lawyers to find good clients. Potential clients who come to an attorney because of a favorable recommendation from a “satisfied customer” are the most loyal of clients, and generally…

Jury Selection in Paralysis Personal Injury Cases

Information on jury selection in paralysis personal injury cases from an injury attorney.

Paralysis Injury Lawyer Discusses Jury Trials — The Waiting (Is the Hardest Part)

In Philadelphia, and perhaps in your town, jury trials of serious injuries, like paralysis injuries, either go into a trial pool or are given a date certain. A date certain is just what it sounds like. The court advises the attorneys that trial will begin on a certain date. This is very helpful, since the attorneys and witnesses can mark the trial on their calendars.

During the trial poo…

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