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Sample Letters to Doctors- A Legal Self-Help Guide

Below are sample letters to medical providers that should be useful to you in your injury case.  
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Dear Dr. King:
I represent George Bullock who was injured on the above date in a car crash.  I understand that you have been consulted and/or ar…

Contingent Fee Agreements-Watch Out For Costs


In addition to the lawyer’s fee, there will be other costs involved in pursuing your case. These include court filing fees, court reporter fees, expert witness fees, and many things you would never imagine. In major litigation cases, the costs can amount to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Unless the case is extremely difficult, the PI lawyer puts up t…

Children’s Injury Lawyer Discusses Settling Children’s Injury Cases

In every injury case involving a minor, a petition must be filed with the court requesting the court’s approval of the settlement.  Here is a sample you can use to draft your own petition.  Feel free to call me at 215 563 7088 to discuss your injury case.  For more blogs on children’s injuries.

To find the best Philadelphia Injury Lawyer.

To find the best Pittsburgh Injury…

Proving Tinnitus Injuries in Personal Injury Litigation

Proving Tinnitus in Personal Injury Litigation
Tinnitus is an injury commonly resulting from trauma.  If that trauma was caused by negligence, it can form the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.  If you are pursuing injury litigation, there are steps you can take to maximize the settlement value and jury appeal.   How the claim is presented will affect the jury’s evaluation of t…

Checklist for Personal Injury Claims

There are certain important things to keep in mind at the beginning of an injury case.  Here is the opening letter I send to new clients.  It has some helpful hints for you.  Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your case.  You can reach me at 610 642 7676.

Dear Client:

It was very nice to meet with you.  I look forward to working with you.

I have begun processing your…

Sample Contingent Fee Agreement for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

One of the nice features of personal injury litigation is that you will not have to pay your lawyer up front.  The attorney fee is calculated on a percentage basis at the end of the case.  Here is a sample fee agreement.  There are almost endless varieties.  Below the fee agreement is a medical authorization form that I use.  It allows me to get the medical records for my clients.  You w…

Best of Philadelphia: Personal Injury Points for Charge

In every jury trial you will need points of charge.  Here is a sample I have used for cases against the City of Philadelphia.

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Identification Number 38746

1420 Walnut Street

Suite 808

Philadelphia, PA  19102


Check List of Questions for Trial of a Personal Injury Case

In all personal injury cases you should be thinking from the very beginning of the litigation about how to present your case at trial.  This blog has a list of questions and topics to cover during the trial of an auto injury case case.  I hope this helps.  If you need more help, give me a call at 610 642 7676.
Please introduce yourself to the members of the panel.

What is your current…

Vision Loss Injury Claims Require a Functional Vision Loss Assessment

In cases involving vision injury, it is essential to obtain a functional vision loss assessment.   This assessment will cover many areas that medical doctors will ignore.  Here is a sample that I hope will be of use to you.  Call me if you have questions.  My number is 610 642 7676.  Evan Aidman

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I met wit…

Motion to Compel Discovery in Blindness Injury Litigation

Occasionally in vision injury cases, as with all other injury litigation, it becomes necessary to file a motion to compel the other side to produce the information you are entitled to.  Here is a sample motion to compel that I hope will help you.  If you need more help, give me a call at 610 642 7676.

EVAN K. AIDMAN, ESQUIRE                              ATTORNEY…

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