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Personal Injury Clients: Best Practice

Your Part

Staying active throughout the process is important regardless of the lawyer you retain. If your case has been shuffled off to an associate, your involvement is especially critical. You should insist on receiving copies of all correspondences your lawyer sends out on your behalf. You can even ask for copies of all letters from the insurance company and its lawyers.

The only way…

Should you Hire a Big Firm or a Small Firm Injury Lawyer?


If you have entrusted your case to one of the larger personal injury firms, your situation may be pushed onto an associate who has nothing financially to gain by handling your case aggressively. The famous partner who is known for several multi-million dollar jury verdicts may simply not have the time for your case. Many young lawyers are filled with energy for effective battle with t…

Firing and Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

This blog explore additional aspects of hiring and firing injury lawyers.  Call me at 610 642 7676 for more information.

Seek a New Attorney

If all attempts at resolving the problem with your lawyer fail, you should seek out a new attorney. You have the right to expect competent representation and courteous treatment. You deserve the same level of representation that the insurance company…

Firing Your Injury Lawyer; Hiring a New Injury Lawyer

If you are unhappy with how your case is being handled, it may be time to change lawyers.  But this is not a simple thing.  The blog that follows explores one aspect of this issue.  Feel free to call me at 610 642 7676 if you would like to discuss your case.

Expressing Your Concerns

Lawyers frequently receive telephone calls from individuals complaining about the lawyer currently…

Should you Fire Your Lawyer


The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. Those words, first uttered hundreds of years ago by one of Shakespeare’s characters, still reflect the feelings of a large segment of the population. The complaint that is most commonly heard is that the lawyer does not communicate properly with the client or telephone messages are not returned promptly, if…

Occupancy and Vehicle Orientation-A Review of the Case Law Following Contrisciane

This blog contains my memorandum of law involving the issue of “occupancy” of a motor vehicle and contains a review of the case law since the seminal case of  Utica Mutual Ins. Co. v. Contrisciane, 504 Pa. 328, 473 A.2d 1005 (1984). If you would like to discuss this blog, call me at 610 642 7676.

The question at issue is whether plaintiff was the “occupant” of a motor vehicle at the tim…

LASIK Malpractice – Who Can Sue?

Candidate for LASIK?
The Focus of LASIK Malpractice Litigation
By Nadeem Bezar, Esquire
LASIK eye surgery has replaced tummy tucks and liposuction as America’s number one elective surgery.  The growth has been staggering: LASIK has been performed on 2.5 million people since 1998 and 1.2 million people in 2000 alone.  For…

Contingent Fee Agreements for Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury lawyers usually use what are known as contingent fee agreements. These are agreements that base the attorney’s fee on a percentage of the overall settlement. The lawyer’s fee is contingent upon settlement of the case. These agreements have been called the key to the courthouse for many people, since the client usually does not have to pay any money…

Initial Consultation with an Injury Lawyer – Best Practice


The initial consultation with an injury lawyer is similar to meeting for the first time with a doctor. The doctor takes your medical history; the lawyer reviews your legal history. The two-way communication between lawyer and client is the crucial first step in achieving a successful outcome.

Before the appointment, try to write down the details of the accident.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney – Best Practices

If the lawyer you are thinking about hiring has a website, check it out. The lawyer’s website may tell you a lot about his or her personality, and it certainly should give you insight in to his or her areas of specialization. If there is something in the website that rubs you the wrong way, you can raise the issue with the lawyer if you choose to go ahead and interview him or her.

Also do a…

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