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Fall Downs Accidents (Slip and Falls) Classifications


Property owners and their tenants owe the highest duty of care to individuals they invite onto their property. In some states, customers of businesses have the status of business invitees. The owner of the business is under the duty to protect the business visitor, not only against dangers the owner knows about, but also against those which with reasonable care he or she might…

Fall Down Accidents (Slip and Falls)


Automobile accidents (see Chapter 1 from my book, Winning Personal Injury Claims) and fall-down cases are the most common types of lawsuit for personal injuries. The legal principles involved with these types of cases differ greatly. Following are the hurdles that must be overcome in order to receive fair compensation for injuries suffered as the result of…

More About Injuries to Children

If it can be proven that the child was visible to the motorist for more than a second or two, the chances for success in this litigation are greatly improved. The adult motorist is presumed to have the capacity to take steps to protect the safety of the child and must take them promptly in order to avoid responsibility on this claim. Children are often presumed incapable of negligence due to…

Pit Bull Attorney Discusses Dog Bite Litigation


Another kind of personal injury case is for injuries arising out of a dog bite. Most states make it unlawful for the owner of a dog to fail to keep it either confined within the owner’s premises or firmly secured by means of a collar and chain. A violation of such a law resulting in a dog bite is strong evidence of negligence. If you were bitten as a result of such a violation, it…

Personal Injury Plaintiffs: More Best Practices

Settlement Package

When your medical treatment is completed, let your lawyer know. Insist that he or she immediately finish the process of gathering your records and organizing them into a settlement package. A settlement package is a collection of your medical bills and reports, photographs, and expert witness reports. Expert witnesses can be economists retained to determine your economic…

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