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December 2013

Personal Injury Litigation and Settlement Strategy

Your Strategy

Experienced plaintiff’s lawyers know that in cases involving serious injuries, full value will probably not be offered until after the discovery process has run its course. There is a caveat here though. If the insurance lawyer uncovers damaging evidence during discovery, the settlement value of the case may drop. The lawyer and client need to maintain clear lines of…

Personal Injury Litigation and Insurance Company Strategy

Insurance Company’s Strategy

The insurance companies often have a big bargaining advantage over you. The money rests in the company’s bank account or investments drawing interest throughout the case. Your lawyer needs to push the firm to release its grip on some of that money. You, on the other hand, may badly need the money to pay your bills and live your life. Or worse, your lawyer may need…

Settlement Strategies for Personal Injury Litigation

Settlement Conference

The final opportunities for settlement occur after a settlement conference and at the courthouse steps. Judges almost always push hard for settlements at these conferences. The attorneys and their clients may find the judge’s arm twisting irresistible and settlement may result. If it does not, the judge will order the case to trial. When faced head-on with this prospect,…

Depositions and the Settlement Process-Personal Injury Litigation


Insurance companies know that jury verdicts, even for legitimate and substantial accident injury claims, are often much lower than they used to be. Thus, the insurance companies almost never offer full value until you have proven to them that they really have no other choice. That means having many aspects of your seemingly private life explored by means of subpoenaed…

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