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October 2014

$12.7 Million Wrongful Death/Drunk Driving Settlement

Chad Horne, age 22, Terri Ann Busbirk, 43 year old mother of two children, and Robin Villegas, 52 year old mother of three were killed because of the actions of a drunk driver and the institutions that enabled an evening of alcohol inspired debauchery. 

Kevin Marciano, the Philadelphia area’s leading attorney in litigation involving taverns that serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons,…

Do You Need a Trial Lawyer or a Settlement Lawyer?

Simple, right? You want a trial lawyer, someone who is ready to take on the insurance companies and take your case to a jury trial. Not so fast. The answer is not simple.  Sometimes you want a trial lawyer and sometimes you want a settlement lawyer.

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled. This is what most litigants want. Most people have a healthy fear of public speaking, and…

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