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April 2015

Ambulance Chasers and Personal Injury Litigation

An accident can be a very traumatic event. An accident can leave you feeling vulnerable and at loose ends. Ambulance-chasing lawyers prey on this feeling. These lawyers, or their underlings, mysteriously pop up at the scene of accidents hoping to lure the accident victim.
Some lawyers peruse police reports of auto accidents. These reports are available for a few dollars. They…

An Eye Injury Lawyer Discusses Conflict Resolution

Make War on the Conflict, Not the People
My book, Winning Personal Injury Cases — and many others involving litigation — use “war” analogies to describe the approach one needs to take: Don’t show weakness; come from a position of strength; strategize for maintaining and escalating pressure on the adversary.

This article explores techniques that can be used to defuse or deescalat…

Guidance For Recent Law School Graduates – Part 1

In my new book, Winning Personal Injury Claims, I offer advice to recent law school grads who are having trouble finding employment.  This topic begins with a discussion of “hanging out your shingle”; that is, opening up a law office. To do so, the young lawyer needs two things: clients and the ability to service their needs.  It’s not simple. 

According to the National Association…

An Eye Injury Lawyer Discusses A $109 Million Jury Verdict!!

Shanin Specter is an attorney I went to Penn Law with. He is also the son of the late Arlen Specter. Shanin got a $109 million verdict this month in a case against West Penn Power Company, the largest personal injury verdict ever awarded in Allegheny County.  It included $61 million in punitive damages.  After three weeks of testimony, it took the jury just 90 minutes to return this…

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

During litigation, there are specific concerns regarding social media and personal injury proceedings. If you (or any of your clients) interact on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., at no time should you ever post comments about an ongoing case. This includes statements relating to injuries.  Instruct your clients not to post photographs depicting strenuous…

The Law of Friending

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. continue to grow.  These sites have tools to maintain privacy.  But is any online content truly private?

On Facebook, access to one’s information comes via a process called “friending”.  It is important that you “friend” only people you know.  What is to stop a lawyer from “friending” an opposing party in order to…

Rick, The Ethical Ambulance Chaser?

Rick, The Ethical Ambulance Chaser?

I was approached this week by a man who had arrived at an accident scene before the police and the paramedics.  Let’s call him Rick Chaser.  Was Rick running cases to lawyers for money?  No.  He had a different and perfectly legal angle, albeit one that may strike you as just a bit edgy.

Rick has for the last 30 years made a living by documenting…

Philadelphia Vision Injury Lawyer Discusses Injuries to Children

Special Circumstances Surrounding Automobile Injuries and Other Cases Involving Children

A parent’s worst nightmare is receiving a call from the hospital that their child has been involved in an accident. Although physical and emotional suffering can never be rectified by money, a lawsuit against the person at fault may be in the child’s best interests. Handled properly, this type of cas…

Tips From a Philadelphia Eye Injury Lawyer For Handling SSA Claims

Social Security Disability Claims

Everyone knows that Social Security benefits are available to retired workers. But did you know that a client might qualify for Social Security payments before reaching retirement age? A client who is disabled and unable to work may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. There are two separate programs that pay disabled persons—Social Security…

A Vision Injury Lawyer Discusses Legal Malpractice Claims

Legal Malpractice Cases

Legal malpractice is relevant to every type of legal case. If a contract lawyer makes an important mistake in drafting a contract, the client can sue for legal malpractice. If a corporate lawyer negligently fails to file important papers, the corporation may sue for legal malpractice. Similarly, if a personal injury lawyer errs, the client should consider suing t…

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