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July 2019

Insurance Adjusters are People Too

Insurance Adjusters are People Too

An adjuster suggested that my case was worth only “nuisance value.” I replied, “You may be willing to settle for nuisance value, but I have to tell you. I can be A VERY BIG NUISANCE…. Just ask my wife.” The adjuster chuckled.

I try to approach my communications with insurance companies and their defense lawyers with a touch of humility, and wher…

Upcoming Seminar

Come to my upcoming seminar on 8/7/2019
Here is a link to the seminar webpage: Auto Injury Litigation: The Ultimate Guide

Many of our speakers request this link because it is a convenient and effective way to inform colleagues and clients of their upcoming presentation. By sharing this link, speakers are able to enhance the level of exposure for themselves and their organization.


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