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May 2021

Don’t Exclude These Arguments – Part 2

Gallagher has opened a new line of attack against both household and regular use exclusions. Our goal as trial lawyers is to extend Gallagher to new sets of facts.

Let’s consider a teen driver who lives with her parents. The excited teen gets her first car, but her parents, unexcitedly, decide not to put her car on their policy. She purchases a bare minimum policy and rejects UM/UIM. After…

Don’t Exclude These Arguments

We all know the sinking feeling of receiving a letter from an insurer disclaiming coverage based on a policy exclusion. This article addresses how to fight back against two of the biggest culprits, the household exclusion and the regular use exclusion. We focus on the client who is riding in a vehicle (the “host vehicle”) and seeks UM/UIM coverage from a household policy. It’s…

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