A Children’s Injuries Lawyer Discusses Child Injury Cases


A mother and father’s worst nightmare is receiving a call from the hospital informing them that their child has been involved in an accident. While the physical and emotional suffering from such an event can never be set right by money, a lawsuit against the person at fault may be in the child’s best interests. Handled properly, this type of case almost always results in fair compensation for the child.

While most people feel sympathy for injured children, do not expect obtaining financial compensation to be simple. In an automobile accident case for example, the insurance company typically takes the position that the child ran suddenly into the street and that the driver had no chance to react. The insurance companies refer to these cases as pedestrian dart-out cases. By labeling it this way, the insurance company hopes to create the impression that there was no way for the driver to avoid the accident. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, refer to these kinds of cases as pedestrian knock-down cases. You can clearly see the image your attorney hopes to create by using that label.

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