A Philadelphia Lawyer Gives Advice Regarding Tinnitus Litigation

If you are suffering hearing loss and/or Tinnitus after a car accident or other trauma, there are steps you can take to maximize the settlement of your claim. First, you should consider becoming active with the American Tinnitus Association website and support groups so we can argue that you have tried everything. There are a lot of homeopathic treatments out there too. Keep track of all you have tried and what effect they had, if any. You can keep a log of how your Tinnitus affects your daily life. Many Tinnitus sufferers sleep poorly, experience weight gain because of fatigue and not being able to work out, etc.

Another thing you can do by visiting this website is to pick out the sounds you hear. Go to and see if you can pick out the ringing you hear. This will help your lawyer understand your situation. It will also help convince the insurance company of how badly
you are suffering.

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