A Top Phila Lawyer Discusses Tinnitus Remedies

Tinnitus Remedies

If you experience ringing in the ear that won’t go away, you may have Tinnitus.  This sound is noticeable even in the absence of any external noise. Tinnitus means “ringing” in Latin. Tinnitus can result from any of a number of different causes.

  1. slip and fall accidents
  2. car accidents
  3. entry into the ear canal of a foreign object
  4. extremely loud noises
  5. ear infections
  6. build up of wax
  7. aging process
  8. medications

There is no known cure for Tinnitus.  For many, Tinnitus is forever, a fact which makes Tinnitus litigation potentially highly remunerative.  Tinnitus sufferers therefore turn to home remedies more than most other sufferers.  Some of the common approaches taken include:

  1. zinc supplements
  2. removal of earwax
  3. reduction or removal of medication
  4. surgery
  5. white noise to mask the ringing
  6. tricyclics
  7. anticonvulsants
  8. melatonin
  9. benzodiazepines
  10. gingko
  11. biloba
  12. vitamin combinations
  13. cognitive behavioral therapy
  14. electrical stimulation

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