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A Retinal Detachment Lawyer Discusses Vision Injury Claims

Retinal detachment is an eye disorder in which there is peeling away of the retina  from its underlying layer of support tissue. The retina is a thin layer of light sensitive tissue on the back wall of the eye. Without prompt treatment the entire retina may detach, leading to blindness and vision loss.

Sudden development of “floaters” or “flashers” in the eye are warning signs of a retinal detachment. This is a medical emergency.  You must get treatment right away from a qualified eye doctor.  Good functional vision can usually be preserved if surgery can be performed before the macula of the retina detaches.

An ophthalmologist can tell with certainty whether a retina is in the process of detaching. The ophthalmologist has special equipment that lets him see the entire retina. Non-eye doctors  often miss a detachment that is starting on the edge of the retina.

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