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Posting Videos to YouTube

YouTube is now the 2nd ranked search service on the Internet, after Google. Getting your videos ranked high on YouTube is comparatively easy, and often leads also to first page video rankings on Google too!

Videos are easy to post. You can post videos from the comfort of your desk. A two minute video takes only about three minutes to produce, including set up and re-postings to such sites as Linkdin, Facebook and Twitter. And it’s all free, other than the cost of purchasing a Logitech camera to attach to the top of your monitor. Staples carries these cameras and they are very inexpensive.

Although daily postings to YouTube can help with the most competitive searches, the most valuable approach may be the “narrow and deep” method. That means repeated postings on topics that are less competitive. For example, search Google for videos on the phrase “Bryn Mawr Injury Lawyer”. Bryn Mawr is a Philadelphia suburb. I absolutely dominate the first page, and it was as easy as 1, 2, 3. A client from Bryn Mawr who does that kind of narrow search is very likely to watch a video or three and then contact me.

Internet Specialist Kent Eskam from Home Town USA Attorney Videos, states. “Use of videos for attorneys is a cost effective way to introduce your specialty and personalize your message.” Videos give the potential client information that goes way beyond typical Website data. “It’s all about connecting with the client,” according to Eskam. “The opportunities are endless,” says Eskam, “very few attorneys use Youtube—- and even fewer use You-tube effectively. A well-organized plan is inexpensive and brings phenomenal returns. Youtube has existed a mere 7 years —-we have only scratched the surface!” HomeTown USA Attorney Videos

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