Eye Injury Claims – Part 1

Since 1984 I have had a general personal injury practice that in 2005 began focusing specifically on vision injury cases.  This focus came about when a woman by the name of Sol came to my office.  Sol is a woman who got hit by a car. Though she was struck at low speed, the force of the collision caused her to flop face first onto the street.  She suffered a terrible eye injury, leaving her basically blind in one eye.  The case ultimately settled for $325,000, which is unremarkable given her damages, but quite good considering the liability.

Sol was largely to blame for the accident.  She began crossing a busy four-lane street when the cars had a green light.  Essentially she walked out into traffic when she should not have.  Now if Sol’s case had absolutely no hope on liability, there would have been no settlement offers.  For example, if Sol had rear ended another motorist, it would not have mattered how badly she was hurt or how effectively I could present her damages. The case would have no settlement value. But there were liability issues that I could use given the severity of the damages.  Sol was elderly and she moved very slowly across the street.  She was visible to motorists long enough that the man who hit her had the opportunity to bring her car to a stop without hitting her.

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