Unfair Insurance Practices in Personal Injury Litigation


Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Make no mistake about that. They fight hard to hold onto their money as long as possible and payout as little as possible. That is just the way it is and there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

Occasionally, however, insurance company employees, in their enthusiasm for maximizing company profits, step over the line into improper insurance practices. If you feel that the insurance company you are dealing with has stepped over this line, you should consider contacting the Insurance Board in your state. In some states, the Insurance Board is nothing more than a mouth piece for the insurance industry. This type of Insurance Board is quite toothless and unwilling to help the individual who has an insurance complaint.

However, in some states the Insurance Board has a real mission that can help the individual who is confronted with an insurance company engaged in unfair insurance practices. It certainly does not hurt to contact the Insurance Board in your state, but do not be surprised if you end up getting a run around.

Hopefully, the Insurance Board in your state is consumer-oriented, staffed by aggressive, energetic employees who will help you stand up to the insurance company. Check your phone book or the Internet for your local Insurance Board if you wish to take this step. It may be called the Department of Insurance, the Insurance Commission, or some other similar name.

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