You Be The Judge – Client Burned By Spilled Coffee

Everyone has heard about the much misunderstood verdict in the case against McDonald’s. I have a case in which a client was burned by spilled coffee at a Philadelphia restaurant. I am concerned that the public reaction to the McDonald’s case will adversely affect the jury’s reaction to my client’s case.

On April 20, 2014, my client was dining at Estia restaurant in Center City Philadelphia. The waiter unfortunately dropped a pot of coffee on my client’s back causing her to suffer first degree burns. She also suffers from significant and ongoing neck and back pain.


My initial feeling was that the insurance company would want to settle this case. Estia appears to be a fine dining establishment that certainly would prefer not to have this kind of publicity. According to Estia’s website, they are a “stunning” “upscale Greek restaurant” that “will transport guests to the Greek Islands with an atmosphere reminiscent of an inviting Mediterranean home and a menu of authentic specialties, simply prepared, that represent the best of Greek cuisine.”  Click here.

My client certainly was stunned by what happened there. I was stunned further by the insurance company’s minimal offer to settle. Perhaps the insurer thinks that the well-publicized McDonald’s case might influence our jury to return a low or even defense verdict.

Do you think a jury will be negatively influenced against my client?

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