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Experienced Philadelphia Lawyer

Against the backdrop of Philadelphia's rich history of protecting civil and legal freedoms, Evan Aidman works daily to fight injustice and ensure his clients nationwide get the legal representation that they deserve.

Wrongful Death Case Involving Drunk Driving Settlement Download PDF

For almost forty years, Evan Aidman has fought for the rights of his injured clients. With compassion and understanding, Evan and his team pursue each case with a single outcome in mind: Compensation for you or your loved one.

At a time when it is needed most, the LegalAidman team promises to give you the personal attention you deserve, the precise legal information you require, and the respect and dignity you are seeking. I return all calls and answers all emails within 48 hours.

Because all personal injury cases are on a contingency basis, you pay nothing unless we successfully win a verdict or settlement.


Evan Aidman has long practiced law alongside the largest and most sophisticated firms in the country. What Evan noticed over the years is that these larger firms seem to shift priorities as they grow – away from the personal relationship with clients to a more generic approach that focuses on process more than people.  Evan chose his law career because he wanted to help people—and almost forty years later, he remains steadfast in his mission of putting the needs of his clients above all else.

That’s why he created a culture that is based upon the following rules of conduct.  Evan calls it the LegalAidman Difference. 


It may seem simple, but to Evan and his team these basic principles are all too often missing between lawyer and client:

  • We return all missed calls by the next day

  • We provide honest answers in plain English

  • We work hard to achieve the best possible result

  • We fully explain developments at every stage of your case

  • We maintain a personal focus on you, your well-being and your loved ones

  • We charge attorney fees that are reasonable

  • We hold down litigation costs wherever possible

  • We will push for large settlements early and often


At this important and unsettling time of your life, finding the right personal injury lawyer can be an intimidating and overwhelming task.  After all, your lawyer’s reputation for ethics, credibility, and dependability are crucial to your success.

You have the right to competent, reliable representation and courteous treatment by a lawyer in whom you have confidence.

Thousands of personal injury clients have put their trust in Evan Aidman and his LegalAidman team of accomplished experts… and you can too. 

Call 215-563-7088 today.


Evan Aidman Has A Personal Message

I believe that everyone who comes into my office is unique, and each client requires and deserves a highly individualized representation plan.

In your initial appointment, I like to get right to the heart of your legal problem. You will quickly become a member of my legal team and together we will develop a legal approach and action plan to win your case.  Most new clients come in with pressing personal needs and issues, and I do my best to address these immediately.

I Wrote the Book on Personal Injury Litigation… Literally!


Do you sometimes feel that the legal system is just too complex for the average person to have much of a chance? When we meet, I will give you a copy of my book, “Winning Your Personal Injury Claim, a layperson’s guide to personal injury litigation.” While no book will get the job done, it will help you feel more comfortable as we move forward together to fight for your settlement or verdict.

If, for any reason, your case could be best handled by a specialist outside my firm, our Referral Service can connect you with a professional whose standards of integrity and expertise are consistent with those of the LegalAidman team.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you—and for you!


Evan K. Aidman, Esq.



Winning Personal Injury Cases Book

Winning Personal Injury Cases: A Practical Guide for Lawyers, by Evan Aidman, Esq.

Whether you are a young lawyer new to personal injury work, an unrepresented plaintiff, or you just want to be better able to monitor your attorney’s work, my new book, Winning Personal Injury Cases, is for you. I show you how to level the playing field when facing experienced defense counsel. I show you how to draft effective demand letters and settlement proposals, and much, much more.

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