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Book Cover - Winning Personal Injury Cases

2011 • Softcover • 380 pages • $99
ISBN: 9780831801328 • Order Code BK89
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Winning Personal Injury Cases: A Practical Guide for Lawyers, by Evan Aidman, Esq.

Whether you are a young lawyer new to personal injury work, an unrepresented plaintiff, or you just want to be better able to monitor your attorney’s work, my new book, Winning Personal Injury Cases, is for you. I show you how to level the playing field when facing experienced defense counsel. I show you how to draft effective demand letters and settlement proposals, and much, much more.

Winning Personal Injury Cases walks you through an injury lawsuit, all the way from investigating the accident to closing argument in front of the jury, and everything in between. If you are involved in personal injury litigation, you are battling an insurance company. My book guides you through the process and lays bare the hidden traps.

Personal injury cases can be handled — or they can be won!  BE A WINNER!!


  • What evidence do you need to gather quickly, and where can you find it?

  • First contact with the insurance company –what do you need to know?

  • How can you craft your discovery to get the best responses from the other side?

  • Why are kids “different” in personal injury litigation?

  • You may be able to prove an injury — but can you maximize damages?

  • What negotiating tactics should you adopt? Which can you expect to confront?

  • What are your best objections at trial, and when should you make them? (Hint: not every objection that can be made should be made!)

  • How do you determine if a judgment is collectible?


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 The Scene of the Accident

  • Chapter 2 Handling Your First Personal Injury Case

  • Chapter 3 The Personal Injury Client and You

  • Chapter 4 The Various Kinds of Injury Cases

  • Chapter 5 Medical Malpractice

  • Chapter 6 Special Medical Concerns

  • Chapter 7 Damages

  • Chapter 8 The Settlement Process

  • Chapter 9 The Lawsuit Process

  • Chapter 10 The Discovery Process

  • Chapter 11 The Trial

  • Chapter 12 Insurance Fraud and Other Problems

  • Chapter 13 The Power of the Internet

  • Chapter 14 Guidance for New Lawyers



Purchasers of the print edition receive FREE access to the complete online version of the book – including these editable forms and checklists:

  • What To Do After a Car Accident

  • Fall Down Accident Checklist

  • Medical Treatment Worksheet

  • Withdrawal from Representation

  • Car Accident Checklist

  • Settlement Demand Letters

  • Lawsuit Complaints

  • Petition for Alternative Service

  • Interrogatories for a Car  Accident

  • Interrogatories for a Fall Down Accident

  • Request for Production of Documents

  • Motion to Compel Discovery

  • Deposition Questions

  • Contingent Fee Agreement and HIPAA

  • Authorization

  • New Client Letter

  • Minor’s Compromise Petition

  • Functional Vision Loss Analysis

  • Letters to Medical Providers

  • Voir Dire Questions

  • Jury Instructions (Points for Charge)

  • Interrogatories in Aid of Execution

  • Interrogatories in Attachment

  • Lawsuit Checklist

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