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Food Poisoning

If your client has been severely harmed by a contaminated food product, you can pursue a claim on their behalf. A negligently packed canned food product can cause serious bacterial diseases such as botulism. 

To prove a food poisoning case, your client should go to a hospital to get blood and stool samples. It is also helpful if the food is kept intact for examination by an expert. Keep it in a safe place where it will neither be discarded nor exposed to heat. Depending on the food product, it should probably be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. You can also check the Internet for the best way to preserve food. Time is of the essence; do not delay.

Food poisoning cases are difficult to pursue and, unless the harm is severe, typically settle for no more than nuisance value, a fairly small amount of money. Many personal injury lawyers refuse to take minor food poisoning cases. Generally, these types of cases are a poor investment of the lawyer’s time and money since they can be difficult to prove and the lawyer is only compensated upon settlement (and most cases settle for low value).

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Because all personal injury cases are on a contingency basis, you pay nothing unless we successfully win a verdict or settlement.

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