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Referral Service

LegalAidman provides free nationwide referrals so that you can find an excellent personal injury attorney in your area. We have an ever broadening national network of trial lawyers to whom referrals are made when my law firm is not able to represent you.

There is a huge difference between the LegalAidman service and other lawyer referral services you may have seen.  Most other services provide listings of lawyers to pick from blindly. They typically are run by marketers who are paid by lawyers per advertisement. You don’t know what you are getting… it’s like picking a lawyer from the phone book! Would you go to a doctor based on an advertisement? You should handle your legal affairs with the same care and thought that you would with health concerns.

Our LegalAidman associates personally monitor all referrals. Our decades of experience uniquely qualifies us to to precisely match lawyers and clients.  And since we only get paid by the referred lawyer upon the successful conclusion of your case, we are motivated to find the lawyer who will maximize your recovery and do so with all due speed.

If you are looking for a referral, please call, fax or email. Please provide some of the details about your injury and how it occurred.   We will review your information and call you within 24 hours with a few additional questions–and with the attorney(s) we recommend you consider for your case.  We will then stay in touch on regular intervals to make sure the attorney we recommended is working out for you.

Regardless of where you live, if you need a lawyer you can trust,  please call us at 215-563-7088 or email

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