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I have known Evan personally and professionally for over 15 years. There is no one else I’d want to represent me in legal matters. Evan successfully represented me in 1997 after a very serious car accident, in which I was the victim, and my wife and I chose Evan to represent us again recently in a case involving a real estate purchase. We were very pleased with the outcome of the case. I have tremendous faith in his ability, and would recommend him anytime. I have found him to be extremely trustworthy.

-M. B. Harnick, Ambler, PA

I tried working with another attorney. Then someone gave me Evan’s name. From then on, my case – and life – was easier. Evan was consistently reliable, answering the phone each time I called, and responding to emails within minutes. He is thorough in answering my questions. I feel respected when I offer him input into the process. I recommend him enthusiastically.

-Elizabeth, Philadelphia, PA

I am so happy that I retained you. Your hard work on my case was capped off with a great verdict. We got $325,000 even though there were serious problems in proving who was at fault for my injuries. Your skill in demonstrating my vision injuries to the jury was so creative, and so effective.
-Sol M., Narberth, PA

Bless you Mr. Aidman. You convinced the judge to award $1,500,000 for the death of my husband. You really helped me emotionally through this horrible time in my life and for that I thank you.
-Mrs. Michael Bullock, Philadelphia, PA

Ive been reading your book, “Winning Your Personal Injury Claim”. I like it a lot because its in plain English and very well structured.
-Nuhan, Portland, OR

I wish I had read your book in the early stages of this claim. I realize now I really should have read more to understand what a personal injury claim was about in the beginning, and been more pro-active in getting better medical treatment.
-Heidi, Seattle, WA

Your web site is great. I especially like the parts from your book that explain about representing yourself in court. I have told many people about it. I hope they have used it. Thank you for the site. It is nice to have people around that do care.

-Denise Guldson, Miami, FL

Your book “Winning Your Personal Injury Claim” was of great help to me in my studies of how to present a positive appearance in depositions. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful book which I greatly value.

-Indira Atinash, Delhi, India

I am reading your book “Winning Your Personal Injury Claim” and am finding it very informative. I purchased the last copy of your book at Barnes & Noble in Willow Grove. Next time I’m at Barnes & Noble I will tell the manager that your book is excellent and they should have more copies of it in their stores. I am very interested in receiving your e-newsletter.
-Janice, Eastern Montgomery County, PA

I always have received wonderful legal counsel from you. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you again for looking out for my best interests. G-d bless you. You have been terrific.
-Ellen M. Sherman, Atlanta, GA

I certainly appreciate ALL your help and assistance, and if I ever know of anyone in your area that needs a good attorney, I will certainly give them your name. I really appreciate being able to vent my frustrations on someone who cares!! The Good L-rd will bless you for your goodness!! I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all of your help. You have been a very understanding, and willing-to-listen person, and I deeply appreciate it!! You have been a source of encouragement for me.
-Gail Davison, Dover, DE

Thank you for your continued interest in my case. It is nice to know that someone is concerned. Thanks again.
-Caroline Bennig, Tampa, FL

Evan Aidman is a highly experienced, Ivy League-educated personal injury attorney. He is a lawyer’s lawyer; tough when he has to be while always going the extra mile for his clients to ensure a good result. I highly recommend him. Evan Aidman’s wise and caring legal advice can literally save you thousands of dollars.

-Michael Rush, Elkins Park, PA 

Thank you very much for taking your professional time in reading my letter and sending me a copy of your book. I truly value your professional opinion.
-Nat Hibblin, Bremerton, WA

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