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A Pit Bull Lawyer Discusses Best Practice for Legal Self-Help

It is an illusion to think that an insurance company will offer an unrepresented person in a Pit Bull attack case the same kind of settlement money it would offer a person represented by a capable personal injury lawyer. There is virtually no way for you to know the value of a personal injury case. These values are based upon years of jury verdicts and insurance settlements. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can accurately assess the maximum amount an insurance company is likely to pay for a particular injury.

The company knows very well that it possesses superior knowledge and bargaining power. It will not hesitate to use this knowledge and power to its advantage and your disadvantage. Insurance companies pay only what they feel they will be compelled to pay by a jury. A strong personal injury lawyer on your side acts like a hammer over the head of the insurance company. The company pays far more when it fears the outcome that an experienced personal injury attorney can secure for the client. Insurance companies do not fear unrepresented individuals because such individuals lack knowledge about how to inflict pain upon the company if it does not settle the case. It is like fighting a war without modern weapons. The other side is not likely to listen seriously to your terms of surrender, if you have no ability to effectively wage the battle.

The insurance company will also know that, even if the facts and justice are on your side, your unfamiliarity with the legal procedures involved may cause you to lose the case on a legal technicality. Although the courts generally relax the rules of procedure for unrepresented parties, you cannot count on this. The rules are made by lawyers for use by lawyers. It is extremely hard to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s in just the right way when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit. Again, the best advice is to retain an honest, energetic, personal injury specialist at the first possible opportunity.

To find the best Pit Bull lawyer.

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