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A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

A Retina Injury Attorney Discusses Retina Injury Claims

Only 11% of retinal detachments result from trauma.  This includes concussions to the head, blunt blows to the orbit, and penetration injuries.  The onset of these injuries is usually gradual with most beginning more than a month after the injury. Retinal breaks are divided holes, tears and dialyses. Holes form because of retinal atrophy. Tears come from vitreoretinal traction. Dialyses may be either tractional or atrophic.

A retinal detachment commonly gives rise to very brief flashes of light in the extreme peripheral part of vision, a sudden increase in the number of floaters, a ring of floaters or hairs just to the side of central vision, a feeling of eye heaviness

Retinal injury claims can bring huge settlements.  Everyone can relate to loss of vision and retinal injury often means permanent vision loss. However, the eye injury must be properly proven to achieve maximum financial recovery. I recently represented a woman who suffered permanent damage to one of her retinas after she was struck by a car. Although she was struck at low speed, the force of the collision caused her to flop onto the street face first. She was left legally blind in the eye with the damaged retina, retaining only “light perception,” that is, the ability to discern the source of light through that eye. Everything else is just a blur.  This case settled for $325,000.

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