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Car Accident Checklist for Injury Litigation

If you have been in a car accident, this list will help you compile the information necessary to begin pursuing litigation.  The below checklist will help you make sure that  you have covered all of the important areas for your case.   Compile all of this information and bring it to your lawyer.  This will particularly helpful when the time for your deposition arrives.  Any questions?  Just give Evan Aidman a call at 610 642 7676. Description of the Accident:

Description of the accident:

Date of accident:

Time of day:

Day of week:


Direction each car was traveling:

How fast were you traveling:

How fast other traveling:

Turn signals:

What part of vehicles impacted each other

What happened to your car upon impact:

Which way did vehicles spin:

Where did they stop:

What did you do after you stopped:

Parties Involved:

Names, addresses, and phone numbers of driver of each car:

Name, addresses, and phone numbers of owner of each car:

Name, addresses, and phone numbers of passengers in each car:

Names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses:

Area Around the Accident:

Number of lanes of each street:

One way or two way:

Condition of roadways:

Slope of each street:

Photographs of the scene:

Amount of traffic:

Parking on sides of street:

Traffic controls (lights, stop signs, etc.)

Vehicle Description:

Speed of each vehicle at the time of impact and just before impact:

Length of any skid marks:

Use of brakes by each vehicle:

Use of horn by each vehicle:

Point of impact on each car:

Final position of each vehicle:

License plate numbers of each vehicle:

Location of your car now:

Date the car was purchased:

Photographs of damage to each car:

Damage done to the vehicles:

Years, makes, and models:

Driver’s license number:


Place where the trip began:


Purpose of the trip:

Schedule arrival time:


Lighting conditions:


Use of sunglasses:

Position of the sun:

Use of alcohol/drugs by any passenger or driver:

Use of cell phones, Ipods, Blackberry, texting device:

Cell phone:


Use of radio:

Use of windshield wipers:

Windows open or closed:

Use of defrosters:

Use of glasses/contact lenses:

Driver smoking, eating, or drinking at the time of accident:

Seat belt:

Stick shift or automatic transmission:

Last eye exam:

Name and address of eye doctor:


Movement of your body at time of accident:

What part of your body came into contact with the vehicle:

Pain at the moment of impact:

How did you feel when hit:

Were you injured as a result of the wreck/collision:

What portion of your body came to your attention at the scene:


Name of your insurance company:

Policy number:


All auto insurance in your household:

Health insurance company:

Policy number:


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