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Check List of Questions for Trial of a Personal Injury Case

In all personal injury cases you should be thinking from the very beginning of the litigation about how to present your case at trial.  This blog has a list of questions and topics to cover during the trial of an auto injury case case.  I hope this helps.  If you need more help, give me a call at 610 642 7676.

Please introduce yourself to the members of the panel.

What is your current residence?

How long have you lived there?

Where did you live on the date of the incident?

What is your date of birth?

What is your marital status?

When did you marry?

What are your children’s names and ages?

Where are you employed?

How long have you been so employed?

In what capacity?

What are your duties?

Where were you employed on the date of the incident?

What criminal record do you have?

The incident

Do you recall being involved in a wreck/collision?

What time of day did it occur?

Where did it happen?

What was the day of the week?

Who was driving?

Who were the passengers?

Where were you seated?

What happened?

What did you see?

Did you know you were going to be hit?

How many lanes were there in each direction?

How much traffic was there?

Was it a divided highway?

Were parked cars a factor?

Which way do the streets run?

How fast were you traveling?

How fast was the other car traveling?

Which direction was each traveling?

How fast was each going at 500 feet from the point of impact?

250 feet?

100 feet, etc.?

Were turn signals used?

What traffic controls were involved?

What was the slope of the street?

What part of the vehicles impacted each other?

What happened to your car upon impact?

Which way did the vehicles move?

Where did each stop?

What did you do after yours stopped?

Where did your journey began?

Where were you going?

What was the purpose of your trip?

When were you due to arrive?

How was the lighting?

How was the weather?

Were you under the influence of alcohol/drugs?

What was said at the scene?

Did any driver use the horn or other warning device?

Were there skid marks?

When did the police arrive?

What was all conversation with the police?

What was all conversation with anyone else?

Who called the police?

Were there witnesses?

Was your radio on?

Were your windshield wipers on?

Were your windows open?

Was your defroster on?

What was going on in your car just prior to impact?

When was your last eye examination?

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Was anyone smoking/eating just prior to impact?

Did you have your hands on the steering wheel?

Where was the sun?

Were you wearing sunglasses?

Was anyone using a cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, texting device, GPS navigating system?


Who owned the car?

When was it purchased?

Was it borrowed from the owner?

What type of vehicle is it?

What was the mechanical condition of the car?

When was it last inspected?

Who provided insurance for it?

Did you or anyone in the household own a car?

Did any No-Fault insurance company pay for your lost wages or medical bills?

Describe all other cars involved?

Where are you licensed to drive?

Has your license ever been suspended or revoked?

Are there restrictions on your license?


What happened to your body at the moment of impact?

What part of your body came into contact with the vehicle?

How did you feel then?

Were you wearing your seat belt?

Were you injured as a result?

What portion of your body came to your attention at the scene?

Which way was your head turned at the time of impact?

What did you do about your injuries?

Did you go to the ER?

How did you get there?

What type of pain were you feeling then (sharp or dull, constant or intermittent)?

What was done for you at ER?

Did you receive medication or orthopedic Appliances?

When did you arrived at and leave the hospital?

How did you get home?

How did you feel the rest of the day?

How did you feel the next morning?

Did you go back to work that day?

Did you go anywhere else for treatment?


How did you get there?

Did you use the orthopedic equipment until the first doctor visit?

Who referred you to this doctor?

Who is your family doctor?

What was the result of the first doctor’s visit?

What did you complain about?

What was done on subsequent visits?

Describe the treatments/therapy/exercises?

What orthopedic appliances were you given?

Did anything bring relief?

How long did you see this doctor?

How many visits?

How many times per week did you go?

What other doctors did you see?


Who referred you?

Did you see any specialists?


What medication did you take?

Did you experience side effects?

When was you last medical treatment?

How did you feel then?

How have you felt since then?

How do you feel today?

How many days a week do you feel pain?

What do you do for it?

Did your pain lessen at any point during the treatment?

How did you feel before incident?

Have you had prior/subsequent injuries?


How long did you treat for those injuries?

What did you hurt?

Did you get better?


Were you ever able to resume your normal daily activities?

Were you ever able to resume your household duties?

Were you ever able to resume your sports activities?

Were you ever able to resume driving?

Were you ever able to resume your social Activities?

Was your sleep affected?

Did you experience marital difficulties?


When was your next scheduled day of work?

Did you go?

What is your work schedule?

When did you return to work?

What is your average weekly wage?

After returning to work, was there any effect on your ability to do the job?

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