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Choosing a Doctor for a Personal Injury Case

Special Medical Concerns

This blog explores the crucial questions involved in choosing the doctors and other medical providers who will treat your injuries. Also discussed is the importance of keeping track of your treatment so that you can assist your lawyer in gathering the medical information needed to represent you properly.


If after an accident you intend to seek an attorney, it is helpful if you first choose your doctor. This helps to avoid the impression that your medical care was undertaken merely to build a legal case rather than to treat your injuries. Your choices generally are between a chiropractor, medical doctor, or an osteopathic physician.

Insurance companies and their lawyers are often very skeptical about the severity of the injuries claimed. Insurance companies tend to view the opinion of a medical physician as more credible than that of a chiropractor or an osteopath. Regardless of who actually provides the better treatment, initially selecting an MD may be in your best interest.

Nevertheless, the value of chiropractic and osteopathic care during the course of treatment for some personal injury plaintiffs is clear. There have been countless occasions over the years where the medical care offered by the MD proves insufficient. Often the only treatment that significantly relieves the trauma victim’s pain is chiropractic manipulation. Thus, if a period of three to six months has elapsed without significant improvement in the client’s condition, it is time to consider shifting the focus towards chiropractic or osteopathic care. Such a shift often results in an almost immediate improvement in symptoms. Each of the various disciplines has its strengths and weakness, and a flexible approach to this problem is best.

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