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Finding the Best Injury Lawyer for Philadelphia Building Collapse

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced Monday that a grand jury will investigate the fatal building collapse in Philadelphia.  This investigation will seek to determine whether anyone besides a crane operator, Sean Benschop will face criminal charges.  Authorities charged Benschop with six counts of involuntary manslaughter, 13 counts of recklessly endangering another person, one count of causing a catastrophe and one count of risking a catastrophe.  He is accused of being too impaired to operate a crane at the demolition site.

Williams added that the panel will investigate “any and all aspects” of the collapse “to determine if anyone in addition to Mr. Benschop should be held criminally responsible.”  “I know Philadelphians demand action … but our office will not be a part of a rush to judgment, so I ask and beg the patience of all Philadelphians as we work systematically, methodically and in accordance with the law … to gather all the evidence,”

Benschop’s attorney, Daine Grey, said his client “is being made the scapegoat in this situation.”  “The victims here aren’t just those who died and their families.  My client is a victim as well. He’s currently being looked at as the cause of everybody’s pain, but that just isn’t the case.”  He is “extremely sympathetic and remorseful.”

“This was an accident, but Mr. Benschop was not responsible, and we believe that, in time, the facts will show that he is not responsible.”

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