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Finding the Best Montgomery County Injury Lawyer

This blog continues our discussion of finding the best Montgomery County injury lawyer.

Bar Association

You can also check with your local bar association to find out if the lawyer you are considering has a good reputation. Some bar associations will not recommend attorneys as they prefer to remain neutral in this area.

If you cannot find the right lawyer through the recommendation of a friend, a family member, or through a bar association, you might get really creative and do your own research. You must be willing to take some time and make a considerable effort if you wish to take this route, but it is well worth it.

Legal Journals

You can consult a legal journal in your area that reviews the results of personal injury cases. You can find these publications in your local law library or through the bar association. This review will provide you with the facts of many cases, the names of the lawyers, and the outcome. Perhaps you will find a case similar to yours that turned out favorably for the plaintiff. If so, you can contact the plaintiff’s lawyer. One of the first questions he or she will ask you is how you found him or her. You can bet he or she will be quite impressed with your ingenuity in locating him or her through a journal. One such journal is called Jury Verdict Review.  Their website is

For more on finding the best injury lawyer, click here.

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