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Insurance Adjusters are People Too

Insurance Adjusters are People Too

An adjuster suggested that my case was worth only “nuisance value.” I replied, “You may be willing to settle for nuisance value, but I have to tell you. I can be A VERY BIG NUISANCE…. Just ask my wife.” The adjuster chuckled.

I try to approach my communications with insurance companies and their defense lawyers with a touch of humility, and where appropriate, humor. They may be expecting arrogance and self-righteousness. I try to give them a pleasant surprise, and in the process, disarm much of their uh… defensiveness.

I can almost always establish some kind of collegial bond with the other side. If you treat the adjuster like an enemy, they become your enemy. If you treat him/her like a human being with a job to do, you may have an ally, someone who is searching for a solution to a common problem. Most adjusters are not that emotionally invested in your case. They just want to do their job reasonably well and close the file. After all, it’s not their money.

On August 7, I am giving a seminar on how to deal with insurance adjusters. I will share a few insights I’ve gleaned from my 35 years of negotiating with these adjusters. This seminar is directed to lawyers, but even non-lawyers will benefit from my perspective, which is based on my personal experience and style. Every person must develop his or her own approach.

Here is a link to the seminar.

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