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Legal Self Help and Best Practice for Philadelphia Personal Injury

Cases involving property damage alone can be settled fairly without the assistance of an attorney. It may be better here to handle the case yourself and spare yourself the expense of an attorney. There are books available that set forth the value of cars. These accepted values establish guidelines that the insurance company should follow. There are no such clear-cut guidelines concerning the value of pain and suffering in a serious injury case. That is why you need a lawyer for more complex cases. However, it may be possible to find a solution that falls somewhere between doing it alone and hiring a lawyer. Take the following example.

Example: Kurt managed to obtain an offer of $50,000 to settle his son’s case. However, he wanted to know if it was safe to take the money without retaining a lawyer. He was afraid that, if a lawyer were brought into the case, the lawyer might settle the case for $55,000 and take one-third of the proceeds. So he decided to meet with several lawyers in order to work out the best possible arrangement. He insisted that the first $50,000 was for his son and that the lawyer’s fee would come out of any amount the lawyer could negotiate above and beyond that amount.

This is a creative solution to a seemingly difficult problem. You need to think your situation through carefully so you can come up with these kinds of solutions. There are plenty of unscrupulous lawyers who will rob you blind if you do not act with care. These kinds of creative solutions will win you the respect of the lawyer you finally retain.

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