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Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses Best Practices

The litigation of a personal injury claim begins at the very moment an accident occurs.  In some cases, relevant events may have occurred long before that. For example, if the accident was caused by faulty design, manufacture, or maintenance of a vehicle, your claim will involve learning about those events.

With the average fender-bender, the first significant event is the accident itself. Chapter 1 of this book discusses what you should look for, what you should and should not say, what you should ask the other driver, how you should deal with eyewitnesses and the police, etc.

You may want to keep a checklist of what to do after an auto accident in your glove compartment. You should fill it out once you have collected your thoughts.  If your phone does not take photos, keep a camera in the car so that you can take scene-of-the-accident photographs.  You should photograph the cars, skid marks, the area of the crash, and anything else of relevance.  Beware that heat can affect a camera.  So keep it out of direct sunlight

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