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Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Discusses the Best Approaches


Chapter 10 of my book, Winning Personal Injury Claims, explores the all-important discovery process. In this chapter, you will find much of what you need to handle interrogatories, requests for production of documents, depositions, and the “independent” medical examination. Chapter 11 takes you through the trial itself. It is during the discovery stage of litigation and trial where unrepresented individuals are at their biggest disadvantage. Please be sure to read Chapters 10 and 11 very carefully if you are unrepresented. These chapters are also good reading for those who have retained counsel. The knowledge you gain will help you ascertain whether your lawyer is doing the job he or she should be doing. The text concludes with Chapter 12, which addresses the problems of insurance fraud and ambulance chasers.

This book will not give the unrepresented person all of the legal expertise an experienced personal injury (PI) lawyer has.  But it will help a lot. If you want to fight on a truly even playing field, you will need to hire a lawyer. This book will help you decide if you should represent your self.

The confidence you gain from reading this book can make the difference in your case. Outward confidence is crucial in litigation. The insurance claims representative and their lawyers can sense desperation, fear, and naivete. They will not hesitate to exploit their advantages over the unprepared litigant.

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