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Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Provides Accident Check List

                                                WHAT TO DO AFTER AN ACCIDENT

Initial Steps:

—  Keep my book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim, handy and read it.

—  Be sure the Car Accident Worksheet or the Fall-Down Accident Worksheet, is filled out and stored for safe keeping.  See Appendix 2 and Appendix 4.

—  Go to the emergency room.

Background Work:

— Consider hiring a private investigator to take statements and photographs.

— Contact witnesses and obtain favorable statements.

— Take photographs of the accident scene, property damage, and bruises and scars.

— Obtain police report.

— Continue medical treatment and begin physical therapy.

— Keep a journal of your pain and suffering and daily activities.

— Get a copy of the property damage appraisal.

Legal Negotiations:

— Negotiate settlement of the property damage claim.

— Consider whether to retain an attorney.

— Interview several personal injury lawyers.

— Negotiate a favorable contingent fee agreement.

— Send opening letters to the defendant and the insurance company.

— Take care of required insurance company forms and statements.

— Stay in close contact with any attorney you hire.

Help Your Lawyer:

— Gather proof of lost earnings.

— Begin gathering your medical bills and reports.

— Keep all medical appointments.

— Send copies of all documents pertaining to the case to your lawyer.

— Make notes regarding your treatment and injuries.

— Research the statute of limitations deadline.

— Begin to gather information on settlements of similar cases.

— Gather final medical bills and reports after conclusion of treatment.

— Prepare a settlement demand letter.

— Contact insurance company to begin settlement negotiations

— Settle the case.

— Sign a release.

— Get the settlement.

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