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Sample Letters to Doctors- A Legal Self-Help Guide

Below are sample letters to medical providers that should be useful to you in your injury case.  

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Dear Dr. King:

I represent George Bullock who was injured on the above date in a car crash.  I understand that you have been consulted and/or are treating my client for injuries resulting therefrom. Kindly forward to me a medical report setting forth a statement of injuries, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and a copy of your bill to date.  I am enclosing an Authorization which permits the release of this information.

Every effort will be made to protect any unpaid balance of your bill from any proceeds derived from the litigation of this matter. Thank you for your cooperation.


Dear Sir/Madam:

I represent Jose Vasquez in a claim for personal injuries arising out of an incident that occurred on the above date.  It is my understanding that this patient received treatment in your hospital.  I would appreciate if you would forward a report as well as your bill for services rendered to this patient.  I am enclosing an Authorization for the release of this information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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